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BM-Win Plus (PAVE)
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BM-Win Plus
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BM-Win Plus
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  • Save up to 60% on your mailings of 200+ pieces.
  • No limit on the size of your mailing list.
  • Mail to Some or All of your Clients depending on Your Criteria.
  • Completely Automatic. BM-Win Plus Sorts, Prints the Barcoded Labels, and Fills out the Forms.
  • Labels can be Printed with In-line Instructions and are Printed in Bundle and Tray Order. The Labels can be Divided among Co-workers by Trays so that there is No Confusion.
  • Labels can be "printed" or Exported in sorted order to a separate file for you to use with your Mail Merge software.
  • Verify the validity of your mailing list's Zipcode/City/State with a 5-digit zipcode database covering the entire U.S., its territories, and possessions.
  • No Need to Alter your Mailing List in Any Way; it can remains completely untouched.
  • Use NCOAsource to CASS process your mailing list via BM-Win Plus and seamlessly process your mailing list for Automation Compatible mailings.
  • PostalOne / Mail.xml eDoc Full Service Certified.
  • NCOA processing through NCOAsource.

BM-Win Plus takes advantage of the Best Discounts the Post Office has to offer including SCF, BMC, and DDU entry discounts, Automation Compatible discounts, Basic Automation Carrier Route, and Enhanced Carrier Route discounts.

BM-Win Plus is PAVE Certified *Gold by the Post Office to handle First Class, Standard Class, Non-Profit, Letters, Flats, Cards, and First Class Parcels all for either Automation, Non-Automation Machinable or Non-Machinable or Not Flat Machinable when applicable.

BM-Win Plus is also PAVE Certified *Gold for Carrier Route sorting for Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT), Walk Sequence High Density and Saturation Enahnced Carrier Route for Flats and Letters.

BM-Win Plus is also PAVE Certified *Gold to print out all necessary Postal Forms and Barcoded Sack and Tray Tags including the new Intelligent Mail Barcode and the new Intelligent Mail Tray Tags.

BM-Win Plus has full PostalOne / Mail.XML file creation functionality and is Approved and Certified for Full Service eDoc.

BM-Win Plus does National Change of Address (NCOA) and CASS processing through NCOAsource.


Certified by the Post Office to handle almost any type of mailing.

Now with PostalOne / Mail.XML functionality!

  • PAVE Certified *Gold by the Post Office to handle 1st Class, Standard Class, and Non-Profit Automation, Non-Automation, Machinable and Non-Machinable, Letters, Flats, Cards, FCM Parcels, Sacks, Trays, Heavy Pieces, and Not Flat Machinable Flats.
  • BM-Win Plus is also PAVE Certified *Gold for Auto Carrier Route sorting for First and Standard Class Automation Letters. BM-Win Plus also does Enhanced Line of Travel (eLOT) and Walk Sequence High Density Enhanced Carrier Route Sorting for Flats and Non-Auto Letters.
  • BM-Win Plus is also PAVE Certified *Gold to print out all necessary Postal Forms and Sack and Tray Barcoded Labels including the new Intelligent Mail Barcode and the new Intelligent Mail Tray Tags.
  • BM-Win Plus does National Change of Address (NCOA) through NCOAsource.
  • BM-Win Plus does CASS processing through NCOAsource.
  • Certified for Full Service using PostalOne Mail.XML eDoc.

Completely Automatic

  • Just Click on "Sort" and BM-Win Plus calculates the Best Discounts and Sorts your mailing list accordingly, Without changing your mailing list in any way.
  • DSCF, DBMC, DDU Discount and Basic Rate pieces are handled in the same pass. No need for separate mailings.
  • Click on "Print Labels" and the Postnet of Intellignet Mail Barcoded Mailing Labels are Printed in Order by Bundle and Tray. If you want, in-line Instructions can be printed with the labels telling you when the next bundle or tray starts and what to do. You can add the sorting order information right on the label.
  • Print or Export to "Sorted Mailing List" instead of to Printer and you can create a Separate Sorted file that can be used by your own Mail Merge software.
  • Click on "Print Reports" and all of the necessary Post Office Reports will be printed including the PAVE certified facsimile of the Postage Statement and the Qualification Report.
  • Click on "Print Tray Labels" and all of the necessary new PAVE certified Intelligent Mail Barcoded Tray Labels will be Printed for your Mailing.

File types and sizes accepted.

  • There is no limit on the size of mailing lists that BM-Win Plus can handle.
  • BM-Win Plus directly accepts mailing lists in the database .DBF format (dBase, FoxPro, *ACT!, Goldmine). *Note: Act!2005 does not use the dbf format but can export to the standard ASCII text file format.
  • BM-Win Plus can Import ASCII text file mailing lists both delimited and fixed length. Almost all software can export to the ASCII text file format.
  • BM-Win Plus can automatically connect to an MS Access database and import Access tables.
  • BM-Win Plus can also Import Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Paradox, RapidFile, and other file types.

Mailing List Management Features

  • Find Duplicate Name and Addresses which cost dearly on each mailing.
  • Cross-check the Zipcode with the City and State using the included 5-digit zipcode database thus eliminating costly Non-Deliverable pieces.
  • Convert all State Names to the Post Office approved Two-Letter Abbreviation Format.
  • A Complete Mailing List Editor for Adding, Deleting, and Editing records in your list. Includes Powerful Search and Filter functions to help you find the right record FAST.
  • If you're Adding a record all you need to do is type in the Zipcode and BM-Win Plus will add the correct City and State names automatically.
  • Generate custom reports based on your mailing list's data.

You're In Control

  • Get Free Upgrades from the Internet as Post Office Rates, Rules, or Regulations Change.
  • Create Your Own Labels showing whatever information you want.
  • Decide What Part of your Mailing List you want to use or even what percentage.
  • To be added soon: Decide What Distance from your Business you want your Mailer Sent.

Completely Guaranteed

  • If there is something that you don't like about BM-Win Plus, just tell us by going to FEEDBACK. If you have already registered your copy, your money will be completely refunded; No Questions Asked.

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