BM-Win Plus(tm)
for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7/8/10/11
Select a Payment Method for Ordering BM-Win Plus.

For Secure On-line Credit Card Orders:

To have your registration number emailed to you automatically be sure to enter the Serial Number (S/N) from the top of the BM-Win Plus screen on the order form where indicated.

To place your order on-line but send your credit card number by FAX or Phone, select the FAX or Phone options at the bottom of the Address Form after the next page.

Print Order Form to Order by Check:

Note for Credit Card Orders:
For security reasons SWREG may not accept orders using some free email accounts. If SWREG rejects your email address, use another email address or select the FAX or Phone options at the bottom of the Address Form or order by check.)

(The name "DRI*HardinSoft, Inc. " will appear on your credit card statement.)
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