Order/Renewal Form (for payment by check) BM-Win Plus (tm)

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To order by check send this order form with a check or money order in US dollars to:

Hardin-Soft, Inc.
1030 Honey Hill Dr.
Houston, TX 77077-1114

BM-Win Plus Annual Registration                   ____ at $159.00 each = $_________
(Prices include one year of updates.)

To receive BM-Win Plus on CD-ROM,
add $6.50 for disks, shipping, and handling. ____ at $6.50 each = $_________ (Not necessary if you have already downloaded the program.)  

BM-Win Plus 30 day evaluation copy on CD-ROM ____ at $6.50 each = $_________ This is the same program that can be downloaded for free. The $6.50 covers the cost of disks, shipping and handling.
Texas residents add 8.25% sales tax (eg. $13.12 for $159.00, and $.54 for $6.50) $_________
                                             Total $_________
Date: ___________________  Serial Number: *__________________________________________
                          *(For Serial Number see BM-Win Plus Help / About BM-Win Plus)

Name/Contact: _____________________________________________________________________
Email Address: (please enter carefully) ___________________________________________
Company: __________________________________________________________________________
Shipping Address:__________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________
Country: __________________________________________________________________________
Day Phone: (______) ___________________________
How did you hear about BMW-in Plus? _______________________________________________

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1030 Honey Hill Dr.
Houston, TX. 77077-1114

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