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This page is a list of typical words or phrases used to find bulk mail software on the Internet. Some are intentially mis-spelled because we find these mis-spellings to be common.

We have found that people unfamiliar with bulk mail software or the Post Office's bulk mail process aren't sure how to start an Internet search. Do you search for "Bulk Mail" or "Bulkmail"? Do you search for "Zip Code" or "Zipcode"? Or maybe all you know about bulk mail is that it uses barcodes so do you do a search on "Bar Code", "Barcode" or "Barcoding"?

This page is here so that if you search for "Barcoding" there is something on the Internet that you will find that will direct you to the proper software.

"Barcode" words and phrases: SearchBC.html
"Bulk Mail" words and phrases: SearchBM.html
CASS and PAVE words and phrases: SearchCP.html
"Direct Mail" words and phrases: SearchDM.html
"Post Office" and "Postal" words and phrases: SearchPO.html
"ZIP Code" words and phrases: SearchZC.html

Last updated 03/15/2006

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