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BM-Win Plus 16.0.91

BM-Win Plus (BULK MAIL for WINDOWS) for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10 and 11

PAVE Certified *Gold by the
Post Office!

Certified for Windows
by Microsoft

Most Recent Program Update for Users of Versions 16:

This update will revise any BM-Win Plus Version 16.0.10 or above to the current revision. In BMW check the Help - About BM-Win to make sure that you have Version 16.0.10 or above.

These update files are self-extracting zip files. Download the file to any directory, close BM-Win Plus if it is running, and then RUN the update file.

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Size: Date:
Download update file to your hard drive.
Now Approved and Certified for Full Service PostalOne Mail.XML eDoc
New version with new Rates and
Postage Statements valid after July 14, 2024

Complete Update file for
Version 16
(NEW Rates and Forms starting July 14, 2024)

Click below to download the update file.
You must run update file as Administrator!

(also see 5-Digit Zip file below)

Download (Save) and then run as administrator to extract into main BM_Win directory.


  Additional Files:      
(see below)

Download the Zip1020.exe File
Updated 5-Digit ZIP File
Updated for October 2020

You must run file as Administrator!

Download then Run to Extract this file to your main BM_Win directory. 540 KB 10/20/2020

The 5-Digit file contains every 5-digit zip code in the United States along with the city and state names. The Post Office adds new zip codes periodically to this file. BM-Win Plus uses this file for several functions and you should, therefore, keep it updated. This file is not included in the regular BM-Win Plus update file listed above.

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